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The E3 Grind

Well, it’s down to the wire.  E3 begins next week and I’m knee deep in appointments.  Luckily I’ll have Scott Benton of Evil Avatar Radio at my side to help cover this bad boy.  What does that mean for everyone?

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  • Sony has a huge booth. At least twice the size of Microsoft's. Different feeling being in both. The tension is almost tangible. 1 year ago

  • Can't get an accurate vibe on #e32013. Doesn't feel like as much here but also feels more crowded in certain spots. 1 year ago

  • Lined up at a secret entrance with @Cubninja to get in the #e32013 1 year ago

  • RT @Cubninja: Oh, how cowed we all are, to applaud the announcement that we can actually do what we want with the games we have purchased. 1 year ago

  • RT @vicious696: As a gamer I will vote with my wallet and support the #PS4 Sony just did the right thing, its as simple as that, no DRM! #P 1 year ago

  • He hits him with the left...then the right. Ooooh what an uppercut. #sony #microsoft #e3 #shotsfired 1 year ago