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  • Sony has a huge booth. At least twice the size of Microsoft's. Different feeling being in both. The tension is almost tangible. 1 year ago

  • Can't get an accurate vibe on #e32013. Doesn't feel like as much here but also feels more crowded in certain spots. 1 year ago

  • Lined up at a secret entrance with @Cubninja to get in the #e32013 1 year ago

  • RT @Cubninja: Oh, how cowed we all are, to applaud the announcement that we can actually do what we want with the games we have purchased. 1 year ago

  • RT @vicious696: As a gamer I will vote with my wallet and support the #PS4 Sony just did the right thing, its as simple as that, no DRM! #P 1 year ago

  • He hits him with the left...then the right. Ooooh what an uppercut. #sony #microsoft #e3 #shotsfired 1 year ago