Nicholas Puleo, Owner of BA Productions LLC

I’m a hardcore gamer, a creator of websites, and a “journalist” of sorts.  I’ve got an insatiable appetite to create.  Whether it’s videos, taking pictures, writing websites, or simply creating content for the websites I run I simply must create.  It’s a curse…and a blessing.

You can find me writing daily at Co-Optimus, Colony of Gamers, and weekly at TheWeeklyRelease.  I used to be the Editor-In-Chief of EvilAvatar.com and I’ve also used to show up from time to time on Evil Avatar Radio.   Now I’ve launched my own podcast with my partner in crime, Mike Katsufrakis, called the Co-Opticast.

I don’t have much as a claim to fame, but I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.  I’ve got a solid job, a great wife, an awesome dog and cat as well as an interesting hobby in the gaming world.  I’ve met some amazing people and had some incredible opportunities; and for that I’m extremely grateful.


  • Xbox MVP Award 2007-12
  • Quote in Reuters for Halo 3 Launch
  • Xbox.com Gamer Profile
  • Created Co-Op Night on Xbox LIve
  • Co-Optimus.com
  • Launched an Indie Game on PC and Xbox
  • And many more…

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